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Offline configuration

For self-managed GitLab instances in an environment with limited, restricted, or intermittent access to external resources through the internet, some adjustments are required for the Web API Fuzz testing job to successfully run.


  1. Host the Docker image in a local container registry.
  2. Set the SECURE_ANALYZERS_PREFIX to the local container registry.

The Docker image for API Fuzzing must be pulled (downloaded) from the public registry and then pushed (imported) into a local registry. The GitLab container registry can be used to locally host the Docker image. This process can be performed using a special template. See loading Docker images onto your offline host for instructions.

Once the Docker image is hosted locally, the SECURE_ANALYZERS_PREFIX variable is set with the location of the local registry. The variable must be set such that concatenating /api-security:2 results in a valid image location.

For example, the below line sets a registry for the image


NOTE: Setting SECURE_ANALYZERS_PREFIX changes the Docker image registry location for all GitLab Secure templates.

For more information, see Offline environments.