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Read-only namespaces

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On, a top-level namespace is placed in a read-only state when it either:

While a namespace is in a read-only state, a banner appears at the top of the page.

Your ability to write new data to read-only namespaces is restricted. For more information, see Restricted actions.

Remove the read-only state

To restore a namespace to its standard state, you can:

Restricted actions

Feature Action restricted
Container registry Create, edit, and delete cleanup policies
Push an image to the container registry
Merge Requests Create and update an MR
Package registry Publish a package
Repositories Add tags
Create new branches
Create and update commit status
Push and force push to non-protected branches
Push and force push to protected branches
Upload files
Create merge requests
CI/CD Create, edit, admin, and run pipelines
Create, edit, admin, and run builds
Create and edit admin environments
Create and edit admin deployments
Create and edit admin clusters
Create and edit admin releases
Namespaces For exceeded free user limits: Invite new users

When you try to execute a restricted action in a read-only namespace, you might get a 404 error.

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